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Every now and then I like to remind people about upcoming WordCamps. WordCamps are locally-organized, casual conferences held all over the world that focus on WordPress. Bloggers, developers, and every other kind of WordPress fan get together to show off cool things they’ve done with WordPress, teach and learn from each other, meet new co-conspirators, and generally have a crazy fun day or weekend with other people who share their love of WordPress. Often, members of the WordPress.com team from Automattic are in attendance, and would love to meet more of you!

There are WordCamps this weekend in Albuquerque and Portland, so if you’re anywhere near these cities, you should try to attend (we’ll be there!). In Portland, the WordPress Foundation also will be sponsoring some special activities around Software Freedom Day (I’ll be at this one, testing and giving a sneak peek to attendees of some new…

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udah byak bgt kisah yg Qta jlanin breng )Ak sma kmu( yg menurt ak it Bnr* SEMPURNA . Ak s'lu b'harap ini gg bklan perna b'akhir Pend slama'a ma km.. Klo km pgn tau gmn kuat'a ak cinta km. Klo km pgn tau gmn isi hati ini dN klo km nanya,apa ak ngrasa damai sat ak tmnin hari* km? ak jawab ya. .kmu yg sempurnakan ku .Kmu yg bwtku bhagia .kmu yg bwtku ngrasa b'arti Hanya ad km yg t'baik bwtku Hanya Kmu,kmu,Kamu sygqw*A.Y.W* >Tuhan,permintaanku hari ini,ak pgn dia, dia satu slama'a bwtku..
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